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Shipping Lithium Batteries with Canada Post

Canada post currently accepts lithium cells or batteries to be shipped by ground and air if:

– they are installed in the equipment they are meant to power and

– there are only 2 batteries or 4 cells in the package.

This type of shipment is essentially not restricted. It does not need special marks and labels.


However, if the batteries are on their own or not installed in the equipment, Canada Post will not accept the shipment by air. Keep this in mind if you need to ship a lithium battery quickly. Furthermore, if you still want to use Canada Post, you will have to properly mark and label the package as per the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDG). This means you need a lithium battery label and a document as per Schedule 2, Special Provision 34 in the TDG.


There are also incoming changes that must be followed for shipments of lithium batteries installed in the equipment coming into effect on December 31, 2016. These changes set a maximum number of packages that can be sent by air to 2. Therefore, you could only send 2 packages with a total of 4 batteries or 8 cells. The question is: will Canada Post continue to accept lithium batteries installed in equipment by air provided the limit of 2 packages per shipment; or will they no longer accept lithium batteries at all on their aircraft. Keep this in mind at the end of this year.

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