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TDG Harmonization Amendments

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations: Harmonization Amendments

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDGR) required updating to reflect recent changes made by the international community to the IMDG Code, the 19th edition of the UN Recommendations and the ICAO Technical Instructions. The amendment will have a positive impact on national and international trade since harmonization of the TDGR with the UN Recommendations and other international regulations will reduce confusion and make the process of importing and exporting dangerous goods more efficient and less time consuming for consignors and carriers. Below is a summary table of the major topics covered in the amendments:


Topic of ChangeSummary/Purpose
New UN numbers, shipping names, related provisions.To align with the UN Recommendations. Focus on engines, machinery, and more.
ClassificationClassification criteria have changed for many types of substances including polymerizing substances in class 4.1 and chemically unstable substances in classes 2, 3, 6.1, and 8. The list goes on.
Marine PollutantsMore marine pollutants have been indicated in schedule 3 to align with the IMDG Code 2016.
Infectious SubstancesUpdates to names/types of packaging and added new special provisions (164/165).
Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) StandardsIncreased size limit of 3000L to account for 5000L IBCs. Per-use testing requirements added for lightweight IBCs.
Safety MarksNew mark and label adopted for lithium batteries to harmonize with the international regulations. Fumigation label update, overpack update, and changes to toxic by inhalation requirements.
DefinitionsMany new or updated definitions have been added/amended to align with other regulations.
Ambulatory incorporation of international transportation and standardsMany international standards have been incorporated on an ambulatory basis which have a 6-month transition period to allow compliance with the version of the standard as it reads immediately before the publication of a revised editions.
ICAO (Air) Dangerous Goods Occurrence ReportingRequire a person to submit a written report to Transport Canada if DG are discovered to have been carried without being properly loaded, segregates, or secured in accordance with the storage and loading requirements. What to include in the report is also provided.
Regulatory Cooperation Council InitiativesIncludes cooperation regarding pressure receptacles, approvals, hot air balloon cylinder exemptions, DOT-111 tanks and petroleum shipping, and various other changes.
Other AmendmentsMany other amendments have been made from small working/grammar changes to removal of SP 151.
For more detailed information, visit the amendment website http://www.gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p2/2017/2017-07-12/html/sor-dors137-eng.php and read the Gazette in full. A detailed summary is available near the bottom of the page.

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