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iHazmat and John Lennon’s Car

Last week iHazmat was asked to help ship out John Lennon’s Rolls Royce with a very unique paint job. The vehicle was returning to it’s homeland in London from Vancouver Island where it has been for several years. We visited the location where the vehicle was being crated and secured for transport and ensured the proper steps were taken to make the vehicle as safe as possible.

This included ensuring the fuel tank was drained and the battery was disconnected and protected from short circuits. Once this was confirmed, a shipper’s declaration was completed and the shipment was ready to go to the airport.

Vehicles are Dangerous Goods by Air! Even famous ones that do not get out much. During the summer months many people choose to travel with multiple vehicles or get a vehicle shipped overseas to go touring in another country.

These shipments require proper preparation and documentation to be completed. This is where iHazmat Regulatory can help.

You might be wondering why vehicles are considered dangerous goods by air transport?

– It all comes down to the fuel and batteries. In this case, the vehicle is gasoline powered, so the fuel creates flammable vapours. These vapour do not always completely burn off and may be contained in small amounts within the fuel lines or engine. The batteries are also a hazard as they have the potential to spill acid or short circuit if not properly protected.

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