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IATA Lithium Batteries – IATA Online Training

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IATA Online Training

Get trained today on how to ship small lithium batteries by air. You’ll be issued a 2 year compliance certificate when you complete the IATA online training course. With every iHazmat training you get access to the course material for the duration of the certificate!

Our IATA online courses focus specifically on lithium ion cells (up to 20 Wh), lithium ion batteries (up to 100 Wh), lithium metal cells (up to 1 g lithium), and lithium metal batteries (up to 2 g lithium). In the course, we look at the requirements when making air shipments using Section II of the IATA Packing Instructions.

To learn how to ship larger quantities and sizes of lithium batteries using Section IA or Section IB, take our full IATA course found here: https://ihazmat.com/courses/iata

Note that the following requirements apply to cells and batteries:

(a) cells and batteries identified by the manufacturer as being defective for safety reasons, or that have been damaged, that have the potential of producing a dangerous evolution of heat, fire or short circuit are forbidden for transport (e.g. those being returned to the manufacturer for safety reasons);

(b) waste batteries and batteries being shipped for recycling or disposal are forbidden from air transport unless approved by the appropriate national authority of the State of origin and the State of the operator;

(c) cells and batteries must be protected so as to prevent unintentional activation or short circuits. This includes protection against contact with conductive materials within the same packaging that could lead to a short circuit.