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Webinar Service


            Our webinars allow you to get trained from anywhere with an internet connection. The course is taught by one of our experts via live webcam in real time. Participation is easy, we will send you a link and at the appropriate time you enter that link into your web browser (that’s it!). Students can ask questions via microphone; or if that is not an option instant messaging within our webinar platform can be used. Everything in our normal in person training is part of our webinars including the final test and certificate.


Why choose webinar training? 

            Webinar training provides all of the benefit of in-person training without the need to leave your own workplace. Webinars are a great option for businesses with multiple locations or which operate in relatively inaccessible areas. Webinar services differ from regular online training because you can take advantage of our expertise by asking question as they arise during the course. We will also work with you beforehand to ensure the best learning experience by tailoring the course content and/or examples to best fit your needs.