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Repacking Services

Repacking Services

iHazmat provides regulatory support to help you comply with the various dangerous goods regulations. Our services can be applied to shipping and handling dangerous goods by air, ground or sea. Our regulatory expertise, combined with our range of products and customer first attitude, make iHazmat Regulatory the ideal choice for your hazmat needs. We are a Canadian company providing North America with workplace compliance solutions including Certified DG Training, SDS Services, Repacking, Shipping Products and more.

Have a dangerous goods shipment that needs to get out asap?

We can help with that. We’ll send our dangerous goods expert to your facility to diagnose the situation, package the goods and get them shipped safely.  We’ll take full responsibility of the shipment and signoff of all dangerous goods declarations on your behalf. Each dangerous goods shipment is unique and we’ll spend the time to ensure you’re fully compliant and avoid fines. Rely on the experts to get your shipment out without issue. Call us or email us to assess your dangerous goods shipment.

Why does my carrier refuse to load my shipment even though I completed the bill of lading?

A carrier could be refusing your shipment for a variety of reasons including; improper shipping document, labels, packaging, segregation or the carrier does not accept dangerous goods or hazardous materials. The carrier should be able to let you know what the issue is.

Can I use the same bill of lading for all modes of transport?

By ground and sea there are not specific format requirements for the document. However, some items must appear somewhere on the document. It is okay to use your own format if it includes all of the requirements set forth in the applicable regulation (49 CFR, TDG, IMDG).

For shipments by air there is a specific format for most airlines. Most airlines will want to see your shipping document conforming to the IATA Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods format. These documents are more detailed than your average bill of lading by ground.

Contact iHazmat via email support@ihazmat.com for assistance shipping and packaging your dangerous goods shipments.