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Lithium Batteries

Over the past week there has been a massive recall issued for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to several instances of their lithium batteries catching fire or exploding. […]
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Canada post currently accepts lithium cells or batteries to be shipped by ground and air if: – they are installed in the equipment they are meant to power and – […]
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One of the main arguments I have been hearing against shifting to electric vehicles is that they are, deep down, dirtier than their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts when you […]
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Are lithium batteries finally the answer to the energy storage limitations of alternative energy? Can they act as a reservoir for inconsistent energy sources and non-hydrocarbon transportation? How bad is […]
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I had an adventure today! Let me lay out the situation for you. It is 8am Thursday morning, Jonathan’s phone rings. The caller is in a somewhat excited state and […]
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